New Kids’ Book Says Veganism Is Patriotic, Rugged

Let's be serious: Nobody's asking kids to eat zebras.
Let’s be serious: Nobody’s asking kids to eat zebras. Photo: ABC

Ruby Roth’s kids’ book Vegan Is Love appears fun and innocent — just look at those happy, Lion King-esque animals on the cover! Indeed, per ABC, Roth says the book is meant to introduce kids to a lifestyle of “compassion and action” and that “veganism is one of the most patriotic, American things we can do.” But others — no doubt parents with kids who really love ice cream and hot dogs — have their doubts.

Critics point out the obvious: It’s hard enough to get kids to eat anything, let alone vegan fare, which excludes fun treats like meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy, honey, and anything else even halfway tasty. Roth fires back that going vegan is an “embodiment of the philosophies our country was founded on: independence, rugged individualism and self-reliance.” All this, despite the fact that the Founding Fathers’ diet consisted largely of fat, meat, salt, and alcohol. Then again, the vegan lifestyle seems to be working for Steve-O, so at least America’s vegan kids will have a role model to look up to!

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New Kids’ Book Says Veganism Is Patriotic, Rugged