A Kiddie Bento Box Full of News: Boarding House Chef, Diner Updates and More

Beef teriyaki kiddie bento box.
Beef teriyaki kiddie bento box. Photo: courtesy Union Sushi + Barbecue Bar

Think of this post being like a cute little box containing noodles, chicken or beef teriyaki or a breaded pork cutlet, a sweet potato “tater tot,” barbecued eel with carrot and cucumber garnish. Which is now what your kids can have for $10 at Union Sushi + Barbecue Bar, by the way: their new kiddie bento boxes. (They’re free to kids under ten from 5 to 6 on Saturdays; that way you can get an early start and move on to the clubs sooner.) That’s the tater tot in this post; now on to the other items.

The noodles: Alpana Singh’s multi-story wine bar The Boarding House has announced its new chef. Not terribly surprisingly, with one star name already attached in Singh herself, her partners Matt Ward and John Fisher decided to promote from within rather than shop for another name. They’ve chosen Christian Gosselin, who works under Martial Noguier at Ward and Fisher’s Bistronomic (and previously was executive sous-chef at Cafe des Architectes, also under Noguier). A Quebec native, Gosselin previously worked at the Sofitel Montreal and in New Zealand. [Chicago Business/Eater]

Choice between beef or chicken teriyaki or breaded pork cutlet: Updates to recent diner-related stories, both from LTHForum. The Depot Diner is reopened. And Ramova Grill may not close now until May. Or June.

The barbecued eel: Speaking of LTHForum, the 10th anniversary 24-Hour Chowathon, repeating the seminal event chronicled here and here, was apparently a big hit with a flash mob (something else that didn’t exist 10 years ago) of up to 40 hitting restaurants all over town, with only one refusenik, a Polish restaurant called Podhalanka (which is treated somewhat churlishly in the thread, we must say). Otherwise, they do seem to have recaptured something of the same spirit of discovery— of the city and of one’s “tribe” of fellow eaters; the most poetic account so far is here, the best photos here. [LTHForum]

A Kiddie Bento Box Full of News: Boarding House Chef, Diner Updates and More