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Deadliest Catch: 59,000 Pounds of Tuna Recalled After Salmonella Outbreak

Watch out.
Watch out. Photo: iStockphoto

You’ve seen the small print on many menus, warning you about the dangers of eating raw fish or meat. Those dangers become greater when the fish or meat is ground up (which increases the chances of bad stuff getting into the food). Granted, ground fish seems like it might be a rare occurrence, but as Monica Eng warns in the Chicago Tribune, Salmonella has sickened many who have eaten scrape, the tuna back meat scraped off the bones and used in “certain sushi, sashimi, or ceviche preparations that call for a chopped or ground tuna product, most commonly spicy tuna rolls.” And now the California supplier of the tuna, which came from India, has recalled nearly 60,000 pounds of funky fish.

Salmonella infections have been reported in twenty states, with most of them occurring in New York, according to the Wall Street Journal. The obvious way to avoid the sickness that can result from raw-fish sushi may be to order whole pieces of fish that have not been ground up: in other words, sashimi. And the FDA is advising consumers to “take precautions in choosing to eat raw Nakaochi Scrape and be sure that it is not from the implicated lots,” which is a lot easier said than done.

The simplest advice: “When in doubt, don’t eat it.” Especially since one FDA official tells the Journal that it’s “unclear how much of the tuna might still be on the market.”

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Deadliest Catch: 59,000 Pounds of Tuna Recalled After Salmonella Outbreak