Temazcal’s Todd Hall Isn’t Quite As Spicy Anymore

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A year ago we wondered if Temazcal’s Todd Hall was Boston’s new must-watch chef, thanks to his penchant for tough talk: He told the Improper that Bostonians think real Mexican food is actually Tex-Mex and that we’re subjected to stale tortillas. Seems he’s mellowed a bit since taking the reins at the perpetually packed Liberty Wharf joint.

Eater checks in with him a year into the gig, and he’s far more circumspect. He’s fairly forgiving that his goat burritos didn’t fly (“So Boston’s got great goat, much better than Arizona, but the people aren’t really adventurous with goat”), and he’s become downright flexible about the rest of his menu: “I added a salmon dish because so many people requested it. Salmon’s not indigenous to Mexico, but we’re doing it with a mole sauce. We just have so many guests request that. We added a shredded beef taco and then I also added mole enchiladas. We have really great green enchiladas but a lot of our guests were asking to have mole sauce instead of the green enchiladas, because mole’s a big deal. It’s on TV, people learn about it, so a lot of people are looking for mole.”

Times change!

Todd Hall of Temazcal Tequila Cantina [Eater Boston]

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Temazcal’s Todd Hall Isn’t Quite As Spicy Anymore