OMG Three Floyds To Possibly Maybe Open a Chicago Brewery

Three Floyds staff, beer.
Three Floyds staff, beer. Photo: courtesy Three Floyds

Josh Noel at the Tribune has an excellent piece on Three Floyds and why this, of all the craft breweries giving their beers funny names, has so captured the imagination of beer drinkers (as manifested in its domination of the “best brewer” prize at over the past seven years, where it’s won five years and come in second the other two). He offers various reasons having to do with owner Nick Floyd’s heavy metal persona and dedication (he won’t open satellite breweries because “I don’t want to have 300 employees I can’t trust to mash in… One’s going to have to get home to his girlfriend, and he’s going to cut the brew short.”) But deep on page two of the piece, the lede as far as the Twitterverse was concerned got buried:

He acknowledges that the brewery “isn’t as big as people think we should be,” and said he plans to grow. He is working to open a brew pub in Chicago “in the near future” located “anywhere but the Loop”

A Three Floyds brewpub in the city? On the one hand, cool, on the other, isn’t having to trek to nowhere, Indiana (and we say that with genuine affection for the chocolate doughnuts at Munster Donuts) part of Three Floyds’ mystique? In any case it set off plenty of Twitter commentary and snarkery; our favorites were from GuysDrinkingBeer:

Lines are already forming for the just-kinda-announced Three Floyds Chicago brewpub. Beer geeks are just standing outside doors in hope.

Just-announced Three Floyds Brewpub already voted Best Brewpub in Illinois by Every Beer Ranking List Everywhere.

Just-announced Three Floyds Brewpub has already sold out the next 83 years of Chicago Dark Lord Day.

Just-announced Three Floyds Chicago Brewpub is already sold out of Zombie Dust, so don’t ask.

Three Floyds’ evil genius [Tribune]

OMG Three Floyds To Possibly Maybe Open a Chicago Brewery