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Three 6 Mafia Warns L.A. That Lemon Basket May Return

Juicy J of Three 6:
Juicy J of Three 6: “Location, location, location!” Photo: Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! via Flickr

The Dolce Group’s cheesy celebrity restaurant, Lemon Basket, shuttered in about as much time as we’d figured it would, with the series revolving around its management similarly euthanized after a lame run. Despite L.A.’s Tinsel Town reputation, we know of few Angelenos who want to eat anything touched by the hands of Heidi Montag and fewer foodies who care what’s happening around this stretch of Sunset, unless your name happens to be Night + Market. Hell, even 61 Yelptards can’t be wrong, awarding the place with two collective stars. But now for some bad news, as DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia announces that the restaurant is coming back.

Paul, who won the televised competition, shares his feelings with Billboard that the restaurant simply suffered from a bad location, albeit one packed with restaurants along one of the country’s most famous streets. In an interview, Paul explains:

We closed it down because the location wasn’t right…West Hollywood wouldn’t give us valet parking. Everybody had to go down the street to park and the building was upstairs, it was too much. Anybody that knows about Sunset Blvd. [knows that] it’s $20 to park on the weekends, so we’re not going to [make customers] do that. It was too much for us. We’re looking for a new location right now


So yeah, there you have it. The restaurant clearly closed because of the tricky parking situation, not just as the anticipated result of a lame tie-in between reality TV D-listers, VH1, and a flashy nightlife company trying to cash in on farm-to-table cooking. Oh, and we’re sure that cockroach infestation and infamously shitty ratings had nothing to do with it either.

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Three 6 Mafia Warns L.A. That Lemon Basket May Return