Neighborhood Watch

Taco Truck Time; Mate at the Hilton

Inman Square: The East Coast Grill will begin offering lunch on Saturday. [Earlier]

Harvard Square: The Taco Truck rolls into the ‘hood over the weekend, straight outta Jersey. [Earlier, EB]

Harvard Square: Late night meat, anyone? Tasty Burger wants to serve ‘til 4 a.m. [BRT]

Inman Square: All-Star Pizza Bar is open, complete with chile relleno pizza. [Earlier]

Seaport: Sweet Caroline’s wants to open a second branch at the Seaport, complete with a mystery, New York-based Iron Chef chef. [EB]

Harvard Square: Liberal Servings, owned by Beehiver Jack Bardy, will open in 2013, complete with late-night dinner and jazz. [Herald]

Waterfront: Sel de la Terre will close down over the weekend; they’re going out with a noodle menu. [Earlier]

Financial District: Nix’s Mate is now open at the Hilton, complete with veal cheeks and vanilla vodka. [UD]

East Somerville: The East End Grill, from the manager of Davis Square’s Orleans and Ames chef Roberto Coreia, will open in the shady Khoury’s spot, which had a reputation as a “sometimes violent dive.” [Patch]

Back Bay: Former Aura chef Rachel Klein has taken over at the ever-evolving Asana. [Earlier]

Union Square: T.W. Food’s Tim Wiechmann will open a beer-and-sausage garden, named after his wife, Bronwyn. [Chowder]

Taco Truck Time; Mate at the Hilton