Slideshow: Last Days of the Ramova Grill

The Ramova Grill’s last day is supposed to be Saturday. There’s a rumor on LTHForum that they’ve extended it but nobody will answer the phone, so who knows. In any case it seems kind of silly to worry about an extra month from a place that you’ve either bothered to go to or you haven’t in the 82 years it’s been around. Apparently breakfast last weekend was jammed, but if you’re going to try to catch its last days, we suggest popping in for lunch and a bowl of the chili (which is the best thing anyway) today or tomorrow. Otherwise, you can just watch our slideshow, revel in a little diner zen as we captured it on our farewell visits, and remember it as we will as a slice of the old lost Chicago. These are its last days, but they could have been any day at the Ramova Grill, 3510 S. Halsted.

Best chili in town.
Have a seat.
That’s liver, not foie.
Pots of gold.
How you tell the chili with beans from the one without.
Cheeseburger and chili.
Hang it.
Pork tenderloin.
Bill the grill man.
Slideshow: Last Days of the Ramova Grill