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Saison Closed Due to Flooding From Last Night’s Storm

Saison Photo: Grub Street

Folsom Street near 17th and 18th Streets has been the site of ugly storm-drain backups in recent years, and last night’s heavy rains caused flooding at the Stable Café and Saison, which share a building at 2124 Folsom. Chef-owner Joshua Skenes tells Grub Street the restaurant will be closed for at least two days as they try to mitigate the mess, and will hopefully reopen Saturday. Also, a bit of a correction is in order following a piece published yesterday about price hikes at the restaurant.

Skenes says that the seats at Saison’s chef’s counter seats remain priced as they were announced in February, at $498 per person, inclusive of wine and gratuity, and have not been hiked 29% as reported by The Price Hike.

Skenes has repeatedly justified the expense of the experience, noting that the restaurant has a negligible profit margin these days, and they are “serving the best ingredients in America … It is a relative bargain based on the solely the ingredients alone, much less labor and rent.” (And we will again assert that, in our humble opinion, if you have the means and you’re interested in modern cuisine, Saison is as much worth the price of admission as The French Laundry.)

But yeah, there’s a little cleaning up to do…

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Saison Closed Due to Flooding From Last Night’s Storm