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Rita’s Water Ice Reveals Big Plans For L.A.

Rita’s Photo: Rita’s

Following the short lifespan of Rhode Island’s Del’s Lemonade in Venice, another East Coast transplant divulges its plans to inundate Los Angeles with its chilly treats. LAist reports that Philadelphia’s iconic Rita’s brand, recently purchased by a private equity firm, is due to open a depot in Burbank this fall, with a possible 24 more Italian ice/water ice stands coming in the future.

We figger Philly’s made outta tougher stuff than Providence and the inevitable arrival of the city’s real “wooder ice,” along with Rita’s custard, should have the crew at The Shack celebrating and Rita’s sticking around for a lot longer than Del’s.

Of course, our President prefers indie iceman John’s Water Ice, but as most of our existing snow is Hawaiian or Taiwanese here, we’ll take what we can get when it comes to finally tasting a true Philly chill.

Coming This Fall to Burbank: Rita’s Italian Ice [LAist via Biz Journals]

Rita’s Water Ice Reveals Big Plans For L.A.