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Rihanna Shoots the Bird at Baldi; Diane Keaton Toasts at Toscanova

“It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny…” Photo: Avrilllllla via Flickr

Rihanna made her 1,574th trip to Giorgio Baldi this week, but the Bahama mama refused to let the media push up on her as she made an exit. Making a break for it (lookin’ all fine in the process) the singer hid her face, got into a waiting car, then shot a double bird to her paparazzi pursuers. That’s right, RiRi, just stand up! (And maybe consider switching up your Italians one of these days to avoid such media-driven disturbia). In other celebrities-on-the-loose news, LeAnn Rimes spent Easter with Travis Lett in Venice, Lionel Richie entertained a little Dover sole at Ago, and once-and-future V Lounge guest Steve Urkel resurfaced to turn the party out at Planet Dailies’ Mixology 101. To see all this, and even more enlightening information on celebrities and their L.A. dining choices, read on!

Ago: Jennifer Lopez came by to eat langoustine and spinach with her boyfriend on Monday, while Tommy Hilfiger also showed up the same day. Lionel Richie came by for some Dover sole the next day with a young lady, followed by a visit from Ray “It’s All In Ya Head Karen” Liotta. [GS]

Caffé Roma: Shannen Doherty drank a cold white wine on Tuesday, proving you really are what you eat. [GS]

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: Jessica Alba stopped by the 90210 location on Wednesday. [People]

Gjelina: LeAnn Rimes chased the Easter Bunny down Travis Lett’s rabbithole. [People]

Giorgio Baldi: Rihanna flipped off the paps, who probably deserved it. [Global Grind]

Nate & Al: Jessica Alba brought her brood to the iconic delicatessen. [Yahoo!]

Planet Dailies: Urkel and some other dude partied together. [People]

Rolling Stone: Bai Ling makes a hotter Paris Hilton than Paris Hilton. [The Superficial]

STK: Kim Kardashian looks like she’s had that wax statue-style plastic surgery. [Celebrity Gossip]

Tosacanova: Annie Hall entertained some Italian on Tuesday. [GS]

Rihanna Shoots the Bird at Baldi; Diane Keaton Toasts at Toscanova