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Cheap Sandwiches Are in Your Future

First we thought that Morton’s would move into the sad, abandoned Borders space in Downtown Crossing. Then people started talking about Walgreens. But no: You’ll be able to get your yoga gear, cheap hipster clothing, and cute British sandies all in the same space when Athleta, H&M;, and Pret a Manger cafe move in!

The Globe reports that Pret, a British chain that specializes in delicious chutneys natural foods to go, is finalizing a lease to open this summer. The space will be decently sized (2,700 square feet) and will open onto Boylston Street. More importantly, the Globe points out that Pret’s sandwiches are cheap cheap cheap, starting at a mere $3.89.

Between Pret’s new digs and the fresh onslaught of Potbelly shops, soon enough we’ll be able to save plenty of dough on scrumptious sandwiches.

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Cheap Sandwiches Are in Your Future