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PETA Launches Youth Arm at Echo Park’s McDonald’s

PETA1, not peta2, we think...
PETA1, not peta2, we think… Photo: David Shankbone via Flickr

PETA: Not just for aging cat ladies, smoking-hot supermodels, and left-leaning college kids anymore. Okay, still not a perfect slogan, but it does ring kinda true. Apparently, the animal rights organization also has a youth brigade called peta2, which launched aggressive tactics against Echo Park’s McDonald’s this past Saturday, complete with protestors in chicken suits demanding to be taken seriously. At issue were the controversial methods employed by the empire’s suppliers to kill chickens for McNuggets and sandwiches, a process that reportedly finds the birds still conscious when placed into the pot to boil.

The fighters for four-legged freedom sought to convince McDonald’s to use the less grisly methods of its European counterparts, while the chain claims McDonald’s is all about animal safety, issuing a statement that day explaining that The Golden Arches encourages “continuous improvement in animal welfare as part of our broader sustainable supply chain initiatives.” It also crows about how it uses atmospheric stunning and other disturbing euphemisms that almost make us want to join PETA ourselves.

So yeah, it sounds like McDonald’s is really learning the lingo of today’s enlightened food culture, huh? It’s probably about time, too, considering PETA has just relocated to Echo Park’s Bob Barker Building, no doubt with more plans to besiege its friendly neighborhood McDonald’s with this shiny new army of youthful protestors who will not be placated with mere happy meals.

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PETA Launches Youth Arm at Echo Park’s McDonald’s