Everybody Who’s Anybody Is in Pebble Beach Right Now

So pretty...
So pretty…

Pebble Beach Food & Wine kicked off yesterday with a few opening events, including the annual celebrity chef golf tournament on the world-renowned golf course there and the first tasting event at the Inn at Spanish Bay. Today, chef Christopher Kostow and Daniel Boulud cooked a lunch together for some of the variously wealthy guests at the fest, Michael Chiarello is doing a demo in about an hour, and tonight there’s a major tribute dinner for Thomas Keller that’s $1,250 a plate, co-cheffed by the all-star team of Boulud, Nancy Oakes, Ron Siegel, Michael White, and Francois Payard.

Also, Jacques Pepin and his daughter Claudine did a demo this morning, and here they are in a brief interview from today talking about what their household was like, eating-wise, when Claudine was growing up.

Tomorrow kicks off two consecutive days of the Lexus Grand Tasting tents, which as we found last year are heavy on the wine and champagne, and light on the food, but they are plushly carpeted!

We have a couple of stealth correspondents on the scene and will be bringing you some photos of what you missed on Monday. Until then, please take a look back at Boulud’s racecar video game prowess, and other highlights from last year.

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Everybody Who’s Anybody Is in Pebble Beach Right Now