Patricia Yeo Caters to the Younger Set

But, Mom, I want roti!
But, Mom, I want roti! Photo: iStockphoto

Remember Patricia Yeo’s cooking classes? The ones that would possibly feature Offal King Chris Cosentino? Well, they’re happening at Moksa. Just one catch, though: Yeo’s first upcoming class will be for children. When we visited a couple weeks ago, Yeo told us she might roll out a class for the kiddies, but we didn’t really believe her. After all, Moksa is rather clubby. But if you are in possession of a hipster tot who needs top-notch culinary training, read on.

The May 12 class is for kids aged six to ten; Yeo will instruct on the finer points of French toast and huevos rancheros. Class is from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. (way before the lounge lizards arrive) and costs $25.

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Patricia Yeo Caters to the Younger Set