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Michael Bauer Calls Redd Wood ‘Superb,’ Even Though the Pizza’s Just ‘Fine’

Redd Wood, Yountville.
Redd Wood, Yountville. Photo: Grub Street

Mr. Bauer is pretty impressed with Richard Reddington and Liza Shaw’s food up at the still newish Redd Wood in Yountville, which opened back during the rainy days of January. But — and even he notes the irony of this — the pizza’s not really his favorite part of the menu! He says it’s “fine,” but at least one time he had it the crust was flavorless. “Everything else is so exceptional,” though, he says, including a spring vegetable salad with Green Goddess dressing, the veal breast, the pork chop, and some “juicy and tender” meatballs. Service only gets two stars, but even despite lackluster pizza, and perhaps because Margrit Mondavi is already a regular, Bauer awards the place a solid three. [Chron]

Michael Bauer Calls Redd Wood ‘Superb,’ Even Though the