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What $27 Buys at a Kosher Taqueria During Passover

Taco conversion
Taco conversion Photo: MexiKosher

As one of a tiny handful of Kosher restaurants open for Passover, MexiKosher has been slammed in the past few days, with the restaurant telling us its had to hire outside cooks from a few major restaurants in town to keep up with five times its normal sales volume (around 1,000 people each meal period!). As Kosher laws tighten, serving becomes much more difficult and expensive during Passover, given all the rules governing food and utensils being inspected, blessed, and “burned.” So what’s a Kosher taqueria to do?

The Pico Mexican restaurant is currently preparing a Mexican-style seder dinner of its own design, even featuring liquid nitro margaritas that adhere to Kosher law and leaving the grain out of its tacos and burritos. The new temporary menu features just four main dishes and are probably the priciest things to hit L.A.’s Mexican food scene since Red O popped its doors open for thirteen dollar sopes.

Currently, a 16-hour braised lamb and beef birria plate is sold for $25, mojo-marinated chicken goes for $19, a chimichurri-marinated asada costs $23, Kobe ground beef is priced at $21, and topping the list is a plate of brown sugar Korean short ribs for $27. The truncated menu will be served through Saturday, at which point MexiKosher will return, reluctantly perhaps, to single digit price points amid one-fifth the chaos.

What $27 Buys at a Kosher Taqueria During Passover