Menu at Meadowood Now Customized to Your Tastes

The new Meadowood.
The new Meadowood. Photo: Creel Films

Here’s a detail we didn’t fully grasp regarding the revamped, newly reopened Restaurant at Meadowood: The main dining room menu is no longer a set affair, and is actually personalized for each table given the season, and their preferences. “It’s the kind of restaurant I always wanted to have,” chef Christopher Kostow tells the HuffPo. “The server talks to guests about what they like: ‘we don’t eat red meat’ or ‘we were thinking something vegetal’ or ‘I really don’t like turnips’ for instance. Then we completely customize the menu for each table.”

Obviously, some tables are going to have similar experiences, but he insists, “we’ll never have 15 orders of sea bass and eighteen orders of chicken going out.”

Also, as we discussed earlier, there’s a new chef’s counter option, which will run you $500 with $350 additional for wine pairings. The customized main dining room experience, which includes at least nine courses, costs $225 as it did before, exclusive of wine, tax, or gratuity.

Kostow is currently heading down south to Pebble Beach Food & Wine this weekend, where he’ll be cooking the Lexus Chef’s Table Michelin Three Star Lunch with Daniel Boulud on Friday.

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Menu at Meadowood Now Customized to Your Tastes