How to Get In and Out of Meadowood for $300 a Person

The recently remodeled Restaurant at Meadwood in St. Helena.
The recently remodeled Restaurant at Meadwood in St. Helena. Photo: Creel Films

You’ve probably heard of the various prix-fixe hikes that have been happening at the Bay Area’s finer restaurants as the economy improves and as soon-to-be Facebook millionaires discover what sous-vide means. Well, as much as the Michelin three-star Restaurant at Meadowood is an amazing dining experience — we’d even assert that it’s more interesting than the French Laundry, and equally luxurious — it’s kind of out of the league of most of us workaday blokes, price-wise. (The regular chef’s tasting menu, which is upwards of nine customized courses, including wine, will run you $450 per person, without tax and tip, and the chef’s counter, including wine, starts at $850 per person.) Well, this week Gilt City is offering an introductory Meadowood package that will save you a few bucks if you want to head up there for a special occasion, with a full meal for two, wine, tax and tip included, for $635.

It’s not the full tasting menu, mind you — it’s being listed as five courses, but if you play your cards right maybe they’ll throw you something extra. But it’s still a pretty great deal given that $1000+ is prohibitively expensive for most of us.

And as Josh Sens learned at a recent chef’s counter meal at Saison, it’s not all Zynga zillionaires throwing down for this stuff — sometimes it’s just us lowly writers and restaurant-industry folk who love food and dream of checking out the restaurants in the Michelin firmament.

The deal goes live here tomorrow, April 25 at 11 a.m., and only a limited number will be available. Sidebar: The restaurant just unveiled a new website today, and it’s real pretty.

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How to Get In and Out of Meadowood for $300 a Person