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Where to Find The Nearest Costco During The Zombie Invasion

Grrrrr…. Photo: Danhollisterduck via Flickr

The trickiest move you’ll have to make when the zombies break ground on their graves and run amok through L.A. (though we pray they’re going to be the slow, stupid kind) is the ability to supply yourself with food, water, ammo, booze, and something good to read while you remain holed up on the roof of a ravaged Sports Chalet. Fortunately, there’s an app for that!

Map of the Dead just launched to break down every metropolitan destination where you may be able to scavenge survival tools like food, weapons, and beer in your neighborhood’s apocalyptic Hellscape. Forged in the style of a Google Map (or maybe Bing, if you’re already a member of the walking dead), you simply plug in your address and the map shows you a city-view of your closest Ralph’s, Wally’s, and Mitsuwa locations, along with military centers, outdoor sports stores, and hospitals.

Sure, we love the map’s suggestion of raiding The Cheese Shop of Beverly Hills, as long as don’t have to re-kill a zombie Norbert for his Roquefort, but this does make us wonder how readily available the internet is going to be when the zombies finally launch their attack (and they will). [Map of the Dead]

Where to Find The Nearest Costco During The Zombie Invasion