Foie Gras Freedom

Ludo Launching One-Night Foie Feast, April 17th at Gram and Papa’s

April 17th
April 17th Photo: LudoBites

Napa chef Ken Frank hits the L.A. Times with his defense of foie gras today, waxing editorial that the upcoming ban will only lead to a black market filled with shady providers who get off on torturing fowl. Next Tuesday, chef Ludo Lefebvre is letting his cooking do the talking for him, as he hatches a one-night only “Best of LudoBites Foie Gras Night” at Gram & Papa’s.

The chef will offer a $105 per person meal filled with some of the novel foie dishes he’s built part of his rep on, donating a portion of the proceeds to CHEFS (the Coalition for Humane and Ethical Farming Standards). No firm menu details just yet, but Ludo’s fatty hits of the past have included his foie gras croque madame, foie gras beignets, liquid foie agnolotti, and foie crudo, any of which might make an appearance. Now, on to the fact that you probably won’t get a seat…again.

Reservations are being taken starting tomorrow, Friday the 13th, through UrbanSpoon at 10:00 A.M.** If it manages to be your lucky day, the Lefebvre family will let you know over the weekend whether you’re heading to Gram & papa’s on Tuesday. Suerte!

**Whoopsie-daisy, we wrote OpenTable earlier, but intended to write UrbanSpoon, where the reservations will be offered tomorrow.

Ludo Launching One-Night Foie Feast, April 17th at Gram and Papa’s