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Louboutin Attacker May Claim Self-Defense In Marina Shoe Assault

She is now internet-famous.
She is now internet-famous. Photo: Matt Meidinger

The woman who is likely to be accused of aggravated assault in a Saturday night scuffle outside Balboa Café remains at large, but Grub Street learns today that her side of the story may involve a claim of self-defense — or at least defense of her husband. An anonymous informant relays the story, allegedly via the suspect’s sister, saying that she “she and her friends were accosted first and she was trying to get the man to stop punching her husband in the face.” Meanwhile, the unnamed woman, who allegedly tried to bludgeon Jasper’s Corner Tap manager Matt Meidinger with a pair of Louboutin heels after he suggested they weren’t that important, has sparked the ire of the internet far and wide, and the story’s been picked up by the British press.

SFist even posted a poll yesterday, titled “Who Does S.F. Hate More: Marina Louboutin Skullcrusher vs. Castro Pedestrian Killer.” So far, our Louboutin Lucy is gaining on this jerk, with 46 percent of the vote vs. his 54 percent.

Grub Street is still waiting for an official update from the SFPD, but as of this hour police are still not sharing any details about whether she has been apprehended or questioned. They are are aware of her identity, and an investigator was on the case as of yesterday. We’ll update you as soon as we hear more in this developing, Marina-hater-baiting tale.

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Louboutin Attacker May Claim Self-Defense In Marina Shoe Assault