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La Colombe’s Todd Carmichael Puts Passion Before Profits

Todd Carmichael keeping it real.
Todd Carmichael keeping it real. Photo: Courtesy Newsworks

Though there’s little doubt about La Colombe cache’s — it’s proven to be enough of a draw for Leonardo DiCaprio — founder and coffee-world rabble-rouser Todd Carmichael could care less. For him, passion trumps profits and public perception. At least that’s what he told Newsworks when it came to the high wholesale price of La Colombe’s Pure Black. In response to Wharton School wag Dave Reibstein’s comments on the 16-hours-steeped cold-brew’s potential to turn away large retailers like Whole Foods and Wal-Mart, Carmichael was quoted saying, “”I wouldn’t recommend someone buying something from me because I have a strong brand. This is what differentiates me from most businessmen. I’m a craftsman, and I’m going to die doing this.”

And thankfully before that fateful day comes, Carmichael is hell-bent on the altruistic mission of placing highfalutin coffee within the grasp of everyman. In the Newsworks piece he goes on to say, “You can’t look me in the eye and say that you can afford the best bottle of wine in the world. Or the best house. Or the best anything. You can’t. But you can be just an average guy and enjoy the best coffee in the world. You can do that. It’s the ultimate luxury within reach of everyone.”

In reach of everyone except for the small and struggling coffee shops that can’t afford to stock Pure Black.

La Colombe confident in bottled, chilled coffee even if some devotees are not
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La Colombe’s Todd Carmichael Puts Passion Before Profits