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Kevin Sbraga Previews His Spring Menu

Kevin Sbraga
Kevin Sbraga Photo: Collin Keefe

With the change of seasons comes the inevitable seasonal turnover of menus for many restaurants, and this spring, Top Chef champ Kevin Sbraga is going to give a select few the chance to preview what’s new at his eponymous restaurant. For three days, beginning on April 23, Sbraga will offer two seatings — one at 6 p.m. and another at 8:30 p.m. — for just six guests at his restaurant’s kitchen counter for folks to check out what the new menu has in store. “It gives guests the opportunity to enjoy something that’s exclusive,” Sbraga told Grub Street. “And it gives us an opportunity to experiment and get valuable feedback as well.”

Up until this point, Sbraga explained, menu changes have only gone as deep as one or two dishes at a time. This update for spring is his first complete menu changeover. “This lets us ease into the changes, and gain insight of what’s working and what isn’t through customer feedback.”

Going into the preview tastings, Sbraga’s menu will feature a wedge salad with ranch, avocado, bacon, blue cheese, red onion and ash; fried green tomatoes with cumin crème fraiche, cherry tomatoes, dill, feta and sweetbreads; Gem lettuce with tomato, tuna, parmesan, jalapeno, quail egg, long beans served with a an olive oil and red-wine oregano vinaigrette; foie gras with peach marbré, warm brioche, hazelnut streusel, peach sorbet, pearl onions and mache; bronzino en croute with charcoal oil, grapes on stem, spring garlic soup, pine nut rice pilaf and sea beans; parsley risotto with escargot, garlic cream, prosciutto, chanterelles and sorrel; seared scallop with crispy pork belly, braising jus, shaved jalapeno, tabouleh, mint and cilantro; chicken and dumplings with a green curry sauce, grilled tomato salsa, scallions, granola and coconut rice foam; gnocchi with pancetta, parmesan, poached egg, porcinis, grape tomato confit, seat beans, artichoke and dill; and Wagyu beef with fava beans, morels, short rib tortellini, truffle cream, bordelaise and tarragon oil.

You’ll notice that one of the dishes missing from this updated menu is the foie gras soup that’s received so much attention and praise since the restaurant opened last fall.

“We’re not a hundred percent positive on that one just yet,” Sbraga said. “We’ve gotten so much great feedback on it that I’m not sure if I can part with it.”

Seatings for Sbraga’s menu preview require reservations, which are being booked now.

Kevin Sbraga Previews His Spring Menu