IHOP Sued by Fired Arab Muslim Workers

That sign might be a problem.
That sign might be a problem. Photo: Yumiang via Flickr

Controversy is rearing its head at several different Texas-based IHOPs after four former employees filed suit yesterday against the chain and its local franchisee. The lawsuit alleges that the quartet of workers, all Arab and Muslim men, were fired in 2010 because of where they come from and what they believe, claims that are supported by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after a review.

WFAA-TV reports that the employees had a collective 45 years of IHOP experience, and consistently received positive evaluations as managers. Still, the plaintiffs allege that they were routinely subjected to abusive statements at their jobs about Arab men treating women “poorly” and annual emails telling the men to “lay low” while working on September 11. In one particularly disgusting case, an owner is accused of comparing Muslims fasting during Ramadan to “dogs waiting for their meal.”

IHOP issued a statement to counter the charges, insisting it has “a long history of supporting diversity.” Remember! The “I” in IHOP used to stand for international.

Dallas men say IHOP fired them because they are Muslim [WFAA]

IHOP Sued by Fired Arab Muslim Workers