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House Style: Pulqueria
Vibrant colors are the norm here. Photo: Melissa Hom

Grungy Doyers Street seems like one of Chinatown’s unlikeliest nightlife destinations, but that’s precisely what appealed to siblings Heather and Christopher Tierney when they opened Apothéke in 2008. Six months ago, they expanded their Doyers Street profile and opened Pulqueria two doors down. “It’s cool because during the day it’s barber shops and people running around, and then at night, it’s serene and kind of eerie, with streetlights and everything closed down except these two spaces,” Heather says. Subterranean Pulqueria is an oasis of color on this curving back alley, with a raw feel from exposed brick and abundant cinder blocks, tempered by feathers bursting from Deco-style sconces. Staff are encouraged to wear turquoise, gold, geometric pieces, and color in general, but beyond that they’re given free fashion rein — and it shows. See what we mean straight ahead in the latest edition of House Style.

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House Style: Pulqueria