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Guisado’s and Mariscos Jalisco Tie For L.A.’s Favorite Taco

Co-champs Mariscos Jalisco
Co-champs Mariscos Jalisco Photo: Mariscos Jalisco via Facebook

While we were busy stuffing our gobs and blowing our minds over Brendan Collins’ duck-stuffed quail special at Waterloo & City last night, a major battle was going down in Taco Town. “Last night was madness,” says editor Erich Redson of L.A. Taco, referring to the final Taco Madness showdown between Guisado’s and Mariscos Jalisco, the final two surviving warriors in the annual tournament that allows the public to vote on L.A.’s favorite taco. Redson reveals the tense situation at play, telling us, “The voting software didn’t auto close at seven, so it was hard to tell who won. I went through the votes by hand and, just counting votes before 7, it was 743-743!” Does this mean what we think it means?

It does! The results mean that the two taquerias, at most points trading their holds on first place, have tied. Rather than host a rematch, the Taco EIC says, “I asked both places what they wanted to do and they agreed a tie was the only way forward. So we have two winners. Not the ideal outcome, but with two such obviously evenly matched competitors, it was the only fair one. Madness!”

Clearly, with deep feelings abounding over such totally different, but equally impressive spots, L.A. has more than enough room for a two-pronged taco champions. So congratulate this year’s dual belt-holders, Guisado’s and Mariscos Jalisco, on a hard-earned shared victory to claim the title of L.A.’s favorite taco in 2012.

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Guisado’s and Mariscos Jalisco Tie For L.A.’s Favorite Taco