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Is Chik-fil-A That Unavoidable? Really?

Chik-fil-A’s donation of food to a conference about marriage under “God’s Design” has been interpreted as anti-gay, and has got people such as Chris Shott of Washington City Paper, pondering how to both have these apparently unavoidably delicious sandwiches while at the same time respecting the rights of others who wish to join in unions that may not be sanctioned by the church. (You may recall the song that simply suggested chowing down at Chik-fil-A “even if you’re gay.”) Shott endorses the idea of matching every dollar spent on “food at Chick-fil-A with an equal donation to an organization that supports gay rights.” But over on Gawker, Cord Jefferson calls bullshit, and points that it really shouldn’t be so difficult to avoid the fast-food chain.

Cord takes the aggressive, but obviously simpler, (and less expensive approach) to the “dilemma”:

If you’d really like to support gays and lesbians in a world lousy with Chick-fil-As, how about this tactic instead: From now on, don’t fucking eat at Chick-fil-A if you are a person who believes gays are equal to you and deserving of equal treatment under the law. No equivocating and no buying back karma with pity donations to gay-rights groups. Simply avoid the chain for as long as it upholds its homophobic ties.

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Is Chik-fil-A That Unavoidable? Really?