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Napa Valley Chef Argues, Once Again, That Foie Gras Is Not Cruel

Lobes of goodness.
Lobes of goodness. Photo: iStock Photo

Calls for the overturning of the California foie gras ban, which takes effect July 1, are heating up. Napa Valley chef Ken Frank of La Toque takes to the L.A. Times today to respond to a recent editorial by state senator John Burton (who first introduced the ban) to reiterate the argument that foie gras, when it comes from a humane producer, is not cruel. He talks about how the tiny foie gras industry has had to arm itself against the well-funded animal-rights lobby over the years and has taken pains to become more humane. He says the ban “will create the biggest black market since Prohibition,” and black markets only lead to bad actors and more inhumane foie gras hitting the streets under cover of darkness.

Also, he points to this 2009 piece from the Village Voice in which a writer, coached by PETA folks prior to visiting Hudson Valley Foie Gras, found that the facility, and their gavage process, appeared totally humane.

In conclusion, Frank writes, “Let’s stop arguing. Almost all of us eat meat and want to continue. Let’s work together in California and show the world a better way.”

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Napa Valley Chef Argues, Once Again, That Foie Gras Is Not Cruel