The Five Restaurants That Should Be in the Top 100, But Aren’t
Atelier Crenn is better, we think, than Bauer thinks it is.

It’s now an annual tradition here at Grub Street to offer up our unsolicited list of the most glaring omissions from Michael Bauer’s Top 100 canon. Sure, it’s just a list, kept neatly at an even 100 (even though in the last couple of years Bauer’s been sneaking extras on there by creating double listings, like for Gialiana/Ragazza, and Boot & Shoe Service/Pizzaiolo), and thus there’s always going to be some debate, and some snubs that are due entirely to Bauer’s particular tastes. But it’s a trusted resource, and year after year there are some worthy restaurants ignored that in another critic’s eyes would probably trump a pizzeria. And so, without further ado, our top five notable places that Bauer finds, for whatever reason, less than notable.

By the way, we still stand behind this list from last year — at least the three restaurants that remain snubbed and in the original state they were in last year (Bauer heeded our call to add Sons & Daughters this time around, and Plate Shop isn’t quite what it was when Kim Alter was briefly there). Blue Plate, Barndiva, and Bar Bambino remain solid picks, but we’ll come up with five fresh ones.

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The Five Restaurants That Should Be in the 2011 Top 100, But Aren’t [2011]

The Five Restaurants That Should Be in the Top 100, But Aren’t