Those Crazy Brits

In England, People Divorce Over Cold Cuts and Tuna

Worse than adultery.
Worse than adultery. Photo: iStockphoto

Here in the United States, people do tawdry things like trade cheeseburgers for sex. Meanwhile, over in England, food is more divisive: Couples are legally allowed to divorce over seemingly petty nuisances like cold cuts.

The New York Times spotlights Britain’s bizarre divorce laws, in which aggrieved spouses are allowed to sue for basically anything. One romance went south when a woman threw away her husband’s cold cuts (she said he didn’t “appreciate her revulsion for intensely farmed meat”). Another man opted for divorce after his wife “maliciously and repeatedly served him his least favorite dish, tuna casserole.”

Tuna Again? In Fault-Finding England, It’s a Cause for Divorce [NYT]
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In England, People Divorce Over Cold Cuts and Tuna