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Police Pursuing Marina Stiletto Attacker [Updated]

The suspect, no longer at large.
The suspect, no longer at large. Photo: Matt Meidinger

San Francisco Police now have the name of the drunk woman who got a little too violently protective of her Louboutins outside a Marina restaurant last weekend, and it’s all thanks to blogging and social networking you guys! Says the victim of the alleged stiletto attack to his skull, Matt Meidinger, “I am happy to have obtained the information about the woman and have given the information to the authorities. It’s all in their hands now, and is under investigation.” We’ve gotten wind of her identity, too, and it seems multiple individuals heeded the call of Twitter and Facebook and kept this woman from remaining anonymous. We shall update you as we learn more about the investigation.

Update: Grub Street spoke to SFPD spokesman Daryl Fong who tells us that police are still currently attempting to apprehend the suspect, and we should know more soon. Also, we’re going to start calling her Louboutin Lucy until she can be identified. That is all.

Update 2: Louboutin Attacker May Claim Self-Defense In Marina Shoe Assault

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Police Pursuing Marina Stiletto Attacker [Updated]