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The Ins and Outs of Getting Drunk in The SGV

Al's Bar on Las Tunas
Al’s Bar on Las Tunas Photo: Tony Chen

Squid Ink catches some quality time with The Fung Brothers, the visionaries behind the recent San Gabriel Valley-praising song parody “626.” The crew shares frustration that most of the city, minus all the food “nerds,” still doesn’t recognize the SGV and rattles off a few restaurant recommendations for the uninitiated (101 Noodle Express, Savoy Kitchen, Tea Bar). The group then bemoans the fact that San Gabriel Valley isn’t exactly whooping it up too much when it comes to getting blotto, declaring that, “There’s practically no bars. There’s no place you can really get drunk.” But wait, not to worry, those-who-would-be-drunk over their pork blood hot pots?

Concerned for anyone pressured to remain dry, we felt it apt to check in with our unpaid unofficial guide to all things SGV, Tony Chen of SinoSoul, who definitely knows where to get one’s whistle wet in the region. Chen points the way to his recent guide to the top ten drinking dens of the SGV clarifying that these are the best 626 destinations to get loaded, that is “if getting loaded means drinking, and not getting high.”

Q & A with The Fung Brothers: Food Nerds, Asian Vegetable Superiority and the Lack of Drunk People in the 626 [SI]

The Ins and Outs of Getting Drunk in The SGV