Work Won’t Keep David Katz From Enjoying Passover

David Katz
David Katz Photo: Collin Keefe

This time last year, Mémé’s David Katz and his good pal Michael Solomonov made matzah at Zahav and shared a quiet Seder with each other and their families. This year, with Passover beginning at sundown on Friday, neither of the chefs will enjoy the same cozy camaraderie, because both have to hold down their respective restaurants on what’s typically the two busiest nights of the week. “Yeah, we lucked out last year with one of the Seders falling on a Monday when my restaurant is closed,” Katz told Grub Street. “So we got to have it here, and really do it up. This year it’s Friday and Saturday, and we’re all working.”

So for Katz that intimate Seder celebration will have to wait until Sunday, when his family can connect with the Solomonovs. But over the weekend, he will have what he’s calling his “ode to Passover” as a special. “It’s pastrami-spiced salmon with marinated dill cucumber slices, parsnips and celery relish, all dressed in a mustard-caraway vinaigrette,” Katz explained. “Basically all flavors come together and it tastes like a salmon pastrami sandwich.”

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Work Won’t Keep David Katz From Enjoying Passover