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Calle Tacos Seeks to Clarify What a ‘Calle’ Is

Apparently pronounced
Apparently pronounced “cay-yay” and not “kai-yay” Photo: Calle Tacos

A new Mexican restaurant named Calle Tacos is announcing its plans to open soon in Hollywood. And while that particular neighborhood rarely gives us much hope of seeing an authentic taqueria hit its streets, it’s nonetheless a more worrisome sign when you have to explain this to Angeleños in your press release: “Our garage door opens directly onto Hollywood Blvd welcoming every diner- even those who don’t know how to pronounce our name- don’t worry, you will get it, “Cay- yay”. Calle in Spanish means “street” and that is exactly what we serve- street food.” Ay de mi!

Maybe we tend to overestimate our SoCal bredren when we assume everyone has at least a ninth grade level of competency in speaking the Spanish, but really, since when did non-native Spanish speakers deserve the full Señor Rogers-Tony Chiroldes treatment?

Possibly even scarier, the press release promises, “Our recipes come from the root of where tacos began, two little towns in Mexico, Jalisco and Distrito Federal.” Two little towns? To remind anyone else who flubbed geography, D.F. is still one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the world and Jalisco still the seventh largest state in Mexico. And wouldn’t it be “kai-yay,” and not “cay-yay?”

Really guys, it’s not like we all think tacos come with refried beans and sour cream in hard-shells. Anyway, thanks for playing, Calle Tacos, and “don’t worry, one day you will get it.”

Calle Tacos Seeks to Clarify What a ‘Calle’ Is