BU Kids Hazed With Fish Sauce, Sardine Cans

Woo-hoo! Photo: istockphoto

Somewhere, John Belushi is crying: Channel 5/WCVB reports on a troubling scene at Boston University’s frat row, where several fraternity recruits were found bound together with duct tape and doused in a variety of condiments. And not just average condiments, either!

These hazers have sophisticated tastes. The recruits were tied together and then doused in a somewhat appealing combination of fish sauce, chili sauce, hot sauce, mustard, and honey. Maybe their abductors shopped at Super 88 before the prank? They were then dusted with coffee grinds and flour, then topped with sardine cans. It’s just a matter of time before a Complete Hazing Cookbook hits shelves, right?

Frat House Hazing Probed [WCVB]

BU Kids Hazed With Fish Sauce, Sardine Cans