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Giddy Up: Hornik Gets the Go-Ahead For Boot & Saddle

Boot & Saddle
Boot & Saddle Photo: David Gallagher/Flickr

By this time next year, the night sky over South Broad Street will once again be set aglow by the iconic giant neon sign attached to the front of long dormant Boot & Saddle. On Wednesday, the city’s Zoning Board of Adjustment gave Avram Hornik and his Four Corners Management team the go-ahead to revive the old honky tonk haunt as a bar, restaurant and live music venue. Meal Ticket reports that in spite of some neighbors opposition to the project, the zoning board gave B&S; its blessing, provided that Hornik and company keep a lid on late night noise.

Renovations, which are reportedly getting underway will attempt to preserve the bar’s kitschy cool country vibe, could take up the rest of this year. An opening isn’t expected until early 2013. Now if only we could get Stephen Starr to work his magic on the neighboring Philips Restaurant, and someone else to update dirty old nudie bar, the Dolphin as a glitzy burlesque club, South Broad Street would really start shaping up.

Broad Street’s Boot & Saddle will reopen by next year [Meal Ticket]

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Giddy Up: Hornik Gets the Go-Ahead For Boot & Saddle