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Got a Big Jones for Springtime Chow?

Fehribach cooks Southern on the Northside
Fehribach cooks Southern on the Northside

Paul Fehribach is to traditional Southern cooking as Rick Bayless is to traditional Mexican cooking. No Chicago chef has done quite so much as Fehribach at his Big Jones to revive the foodways of the American South in the Windy City. And as this culinary tradition is closely tied to the produce of the individual seasons and sub-seasons, so has Fehribach’s menu been revised to reflect what’s pushing out of the ground right now. His lunch menu is gaining attention as one of the best dining bargains around. We have some suggestions about what you might want to eat there.

Crispy Lamb Neck Rillettes ($17)
House-made rillettes seared and served with a crispy antebellum rice waffle, ramp greens, creamed peas and garlic confit

Artichoke ($9)
Carolina Gold rice and corn flour breading, served with creamy heirloom grits, pimiento butter and scallions

Split Pea and Ramp Greens Soup ($8)
Puréed with parsnips and celery root, garnished with cornbread croutons, roasted carrots and cracklin

Deviled Crab à la MeGee’s Branch, ca. 1940 ($15)
Pontchartrain blue crab meat casserole with Kilgus cream, white wine and cayenne, served with wood-grilled French bread

Spring Lamb Daube ($24)
Mint Creek lamb braised in red wine with puffed wheat, almond and rosemary granola, served with crispy hog jowl, garlic confit and creamed peas

Pan-Fried Mountain Dutch Dumplings ($12)
Henry Moore corn spaetzle sautéed until crispy in a creamy mushroom sauce with spinach, peas, local black walnuts and green garlic


Warm Coriander Oat Cake ($7)
Spiced peelcorn oat flour cake, candied ginger, rhubarb jam and coconut ice cream

Meyer Lemon Pie ($7)
Butter cookie crust, toasted marshmallow, almonds, hibiscus and crème fraîche
Inspired by food traditions of the American South, Big Jones offers Southern heirloom cooking utilizing locally-grown, sustainably-farmed ingredients to preserve heritage foods.

Got a Big Jones for Springtime Chow?