Batch Busts Out Whole Hog Dinner Tonight For $25

Squeal like a pig
Squeal like a pig Photo: Watt Publishing via Flickr

Tonight Culver City’s Batch will reprise its whole animal “Primal Dinner” series on the restaurant’s patio, only with pig in place of last month’s lamb. For just $25, guests can come experience chef Salvador Roldan’s menu that turns one whole hog from Sonoma’s Gleason Ranch into snout-to-chute dishes packed with produce, like pulled pork pizza with hand-stretched mozzarella, Brussel’s sprouts with chorizo, pickled carrot salad with pulled pork, and suckling pig as the centerpiece. See the full menu of options available below.

Batch Primal Tuesday
Featuring Whole Hog from Gleason Farms


Appetizer at 7:00 P.M.

Pulled Pork Pizza with House Stretched Mozzarella

Dinner at 7:30 P.M.

Pickled Carrot Salad with Pulled Pork

The Guest of Honor (Suckling Pig; from Gleason Farms in Sonoma)

Snap Peas with Mint

Brussels with Chorizo

Mashed Potato with Chives (aka Champs)

Batch Busts Out Whole Hog Dinner Tonight For $25