Actually Pretty Awesome

Actually Pretty Awesome: Duck Confit Salad at Frances

It's a damn good salad.
It’s a damn good salad. Photo: J. Barmann/Grub Street

Salads. They’re generally not that exciting, or satisfying. We’re hard pressed to think of a salad that has impressed us and left us feeling quite so sated as this one, which appeared on the always well edited menu at Frances in recent months. (Oh, except maybe this one.) Chef Melissa Perello serves crispy but tender duck confit, chopped in bite-size pieces, and tossed with baby kale in a sweet fennel-honey agrodolce dressing. But it doesn’t end there.

The duck is paired with chopped Medjool dates, which share a color and consistency with the duck, though they’re a little softer to the teeth. And then there’s a generous helping of crispy fried shallots — fried onions, much like the fried shoestring potatoes on this Txoko salad, make for a winning salad in our book.

The baby kale Perello uses is especially bright, tender, and flavorful, and makes a great contrast with the other flavors here, especially when its mild bitterness is matched with the sweetness of the dressing, the onions, and the dates.

We’ve mentioned before how consistently strong Perello’s small plates always are at this Michelin-starred neighborhood restaurant, but this is perhaps her best salad to date.

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Actually Pretty Awesome: Duck Confit Salad at Frances