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It’s the Time of the Saison at Alla Spina

Alla Spina
Alla Spina Photo: Collin Keefe

Belgian saisons (and the farmhouse style ales inspired by them) are arguably the beers best suited for quenching your thirst. Traditionally the dry and hazy ales were specially formulated and brewed to wet the whistles of farmhands while they toiled under the hot sun. And just as the warm weather starts heating up around these parts, Marc Vetri’s Alla Spina is devoting ten-plus taps to the style for what it’s calling Saisonale. During this celebration of these seasonal sippers, you can sample them in their most classic form, like Brasserie Dupont’s benchmark Saison Dupont and contemporary interpretations like Dogfish Head’s grape smut-infected Noble Rot. Keep reading to check out the full lineup.

Lost Abbey, Carnevale

Dogfish Head, Noble Rot

Brasserie Dupont, Saison Dupont

Yards, Saison

Sixpoint, Harbinger

Del Ducato, Nuova Mattina

Piccolo, Seson

Jendrain, V Cense

Allagash Mimh

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace

Stillwater, As Follows

L’Olmaia Karkade

Evil Twin, Ron & the Beast Ryan

Allagash, Mimh

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It’s the Time of the Saison at Alla Spina