Why (626) Night Market Sorta Sounds Cooler Than Coachella

Taipei's Shilin Night Market
Taipei’s Shilin Night Market Photo: http2007 via Flickr

This Saturday, Pasadena is holding its inaugural “(626) Night Market,” a social celebration of eating and strolling that transplants the street food-stuffed night markets of Asia into Pasadena, with 80 vendors intent on feeding you and offering you their wares. From 5:30-10:00 P.M. on April 14th, the streets will be sizzling with Chinese sausages, Filipino tacos, lamb skewers, takoyaki, Indonesian satay, oyster and intestine mien xian, and stinky tofu, among a lot of other edible imports made right here in The SGV. So, is it worth skipping Coachella for?

Now, there’s no doubt we’ve aged past those golden years in life when sullying our heads with the sweat and steel-capped boots of thousands of teenagers precedes our enjoyment of a little music. And yes, we try not to go anywhere where sharing bathrooms with a quarter million people is built into the program. But regardless, does this thing sound better than plunking down hundreds of dollars for a drugged-up drive into the desert just to endure a set by David Guetta under the merciless sun or are we seriously tripping?

Okay, maybe we’re just bitter that our butts are parked in L.A. this weekend. In any case, find our fat, old-people selves hitting this in place of the music festival this year. And if the list of street eats coming to the event can’t convince you it’s better than watching At The Drive-In and The Buzzcocks reconnect or hearing Dre and Snoop ride on the desert, well, at least this one is free. See full details online.

626 Night Market
5:00 -11:30 P.M. at 1. N. Oakland Ave, Pasadena.

Featured Foods include:

Beef noodle soup
Beef pancake rolls
Boba Milk Tea
Chinese donut sticks
Chinese sausage combo
Coconut drink
Crystal rolls
Curry chicken rice
Curry fish balls
Curry squid balls
Dragon Whiskers Candy
Filipino inspired tacos/burritos/fries
Fried turnip cake Chiu Chow style
HK style egg waffles
Indonesian BBQ satay skewers
Indonesian fried noodles
Japanese dangos
Japanese red bean pancakes
Lamb and squid skewers
Marinated eggs and beancurd
Mixed cold plate (pig’ ears, seaweed & tofu)
Oyster & intestine mien xian
Peanut sauce cold noodles
R2 Signature yogurt fruit drinks
Satay beef noodles
Shao mai
Sticky rice
Stinky tofu
Taiwanese crepes
Taiwanese fried chicken filets
Taiwanese sausages
Taiwanese spaghetti
Zhong zi

Following the event, nearby Haven Gastropub + Brewery is serving the following menu at an official after-party with each of its dishes priced at only four dollars:

Haven Menu

Fried Pigs Ears w/ Tangerine Chili Glaze

Pork Belly Wrapped Cherry Tomatoes with Togarashi

Five-Spiced Chicken Liver Toasts with Pickled Japanese Cucumber

Spicy Cold Noodle with Sous-Vide Poached Egg

Egg Drop Soup

Why (626) Night Market Sorta Sounds Cooler Than Coachella