1933 Group Turning Little Cave Into La Cuevita, Open May 4

La Cuevita
La Cuevita Photo: 1933 Group

It’s boom times for Highland Park bars and restaurants, as Echo Park’s aloof and artsy kids continue to be out-priced and under-cooled, forcing them to take up residence in the historic Northeast neighborhood and its surrounds to keep their cred. 1933 Group announces that it is re-conceptualizing Little Cave, Figueroa’s dark hang for punk-driven locals and various visiting H-words that remains popular, but likely needs to make room to accommodate the coming crowd.

Next week, 1933 Group will give media the first look at the bar’s transformation before a grand opening on May 4. It’s apparently still named the same thing, only in Spanish, with a focus on tequila and mezcal to offer a better drinking experience along with a reworked space that is still under wraps.

So far the company, which worked wonders when turning Saints and Sinner into the sublime Oldfield’s, reveals that it’s a “new, old world Mexican grotto,” which almostsorta makes sense.

La Cuevita, 5922 Figueroa St. Highland Park.

1933 Group Turning Little Cave Into La Cuevita, Open May 4