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Will Wegmans Legitimize Downtown Crossing?

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Nobody really knows what to do with Downtown Crossing. The place is like your great aunt, the one with the smeared lipstick and askew wig, the one who nobody quite knows where to put at Thanksgiving, so they throw her on a sofa and hopes she keeps quiet. But today Downtown Crossing takes a big step toward becoming an actual neighborhood, a place where people grocery shop and stuff, with the announcement that Wegmans might open there. The Globe reports that CEO Danny Wegman told the Boston Chamber of Commerce that he’ll entertain the idea because he’s fascinated with the Boston market, “the most highly educated and densely populated market the chain has ever served.” ‘Til now, Wegmans has been a suburban miracle. And, ‘til now, Downtown denizens have clung to the notion of a Walgreens that sells sushi.

Wegman will continue to scout urban locations (the Waterfront is another possibility) before making an announcement. In the meantime, the chain will open branches in Chestnut Hill and Burlington; the Northborough one is already driving MetroWesters wild with desire. And, in the meantime, DC’ers will have to wait with bated breath. After all, Wegman admits, “change is scary.” Kind of like pharmacy sushi.

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Will Wegmans Legitimize Downtown Crossing?