Watch a Trailer for Venice Beach Brewing Company, Coming This Summer

“In a town…” Photo: You Tube

Food is not only the new rock these days, but probably also the new movies (though cheaper and with better snacks). This theory gains some steam in a shiny trailer for The Venice Beach Brewing Company, which promises to unleash its “June Gloom” Belgian witbier on the city this summer, along with an amber called “Venice Ale.” Yo! Venice! opens the multiplex’s backdoor to sneak us into this one, which reveals that the budding company is well-funded enough to at least hire a guy who kind of sounds that “In a world…” movie-voice guy and focused enough to string together a bunch of random clips of Venice, which it refers to as “a town that has everything to offer…except its own beer.”

The business is coming to Rose Avenue this summer from owners Kerr Smith, an actor, and Tim Benedick, two vets of Venice Beach Wines who no doubt counted all the beaucoup bucks racking up while that business stoked the yuppie contingent over to the other side of Ghost Town. Over on the duo’s Facebook page, we see they’re raring up to get started, already designing the taps for their first brews, along with a few items of apparel. Sure, the film lacks a car chase or sex scene, but we’ll wait for the sequel.

Check out the brewery’s first foray into film-making below and expect to hear a lot more about this one as summer draws ever nearer.

Venice Beach Brewing Company Video “Teaser” [Yo! Venice!]

Watch a Trailer for Venice Beach Brewing Company, Coming This Summer