Miso Not Just For Soup Anymore; Are Pollutants Making Us Fat?

• Mark Bittman urges us not to limit miso to soup; thanks to its incredible umami qualities, it makes a great seasoning, butter, or mayo, he writes. [NYT]

• Following that car crashing into its doors, Pizza Buona is getting back on its feet. [The Eastsider]

• Here’s something scary: It may not just be calories making us fat, but rather all of the weird organic pollutants we consume via our food and water systems. [Atlantic]

• Actress Emily Blunt apparently makes a mean British beef roast and has a touch with Italian cooking. [USA Today]

• If you’re interested in wine, turn your eye to Spain, “one of the most fascinating wine-producing countries in Europe, if not the world,” according to this critic. [WSJ]

• D. Landreth Seed Co., which has a long and storied history stretching back to the Constitutional Convention, is at risk of going under. So buy seeds! You listening, DIY types? [Salt/NPR]

• Saint Felix used to be a needle exchange, more proof of Hollywood’s changing ways. [LAT]

• Pastry chefs may be the lowest paid of all restaurant chefs, while private club chefs are raking it in. [Massive]

• A group called Los Angeles Bread Bakers is bringing back a species of wheat called Sonora that is native to our city. [SCPR]

Miso Not Just For Soup Anymore; Are Pollutants Making Us Fat?