Ubiquitous Umami

Umami Burger Imposing High-Tech U-Mini on Westwood

Umami's Carnitas burger
Umami’s Carnitas burger Photo: Steve Bott via Flickr

Umami Burger is multiplying faster than Mogwais at a hot tub party and the next local move for Adam Fleischman’s “fifth taste” burger chain looks to be fermenting in Westwood, where the owner recently introduced Neapolitan pizza plant, 800 Degrees. The company announces that it next plans to introduce a new Umami Burger to UCLA’s turf this summer, officially named Umami Westwood, street-named U-Mini.

Not to be confused with the brand’s forthcoming, quicker-service, lower-cost U-Ko, U-Mini will be a smaller, more concentrated version of the chain with just 45 seats and not a single job for those poor struggling college students, as there will be no servers in sight. The new location plans to leave anyone who nabbed their degree prior to 2008 in the dust, with tablet-only customer service and app ordering. The new outlet will focus on to-go and pre-order business with a limited menu, and could also become a space for trying out new limited edition burgers, making this a popular draw for Bruins come burger time.

U-Mini, 1131 Westwood Blvd. Westwood.

Umami Burger Imposing High-Tech U-Mini on Westwood