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Terroni Manager Lectures Walking Dead Producer on Her Maturity

Effective against zombies?
Effective against zombies? Photo: iStock Photo

The Hollywood Reporter shares a food-intensive interview with Gale Ann Hurd, the braaaaains behind TV’s zombie drama Walking Dead and the owner of Pasadena’s Vertical Wine Bistro, where Laurent Quenioux is currently found cooking. Conjuring the ghost of Mitt Romney, she details her new-found obsession with cheese grits after shooting the show down in Georgia, a meal of crocodile she ate in Africa, and confesses her love for Juan Mari Arzak. Hurd also lets the paper know that he pet-peeve is “Restaurant staff that act as if they’re doing you a favor by waiting on you.” The comment comes shortly before she details an embarrassing experience she had at Hollywood’s Terroni.

Having been served one of the restaurant’s traditional-style uncut pizzas, Hurd did what many uninitiated diners would probably do: ask the server to have her pizza cut. A reasonable request? Hurd recalls, “Apparently that’s a no-no. The manager told me in a very loud voice that I was an adult and therefore fully capable of slicing my own pizza.”

Ouch! A slice of shame with your pizza…What’s next? Are restaurants going to make us churn our own butter? Oh, wait, that’s right. In any case, we’re sure it’s experiences like this one that make Hurd happy to be working with staff whose vocabulary is limited only to such witticisms as “uuugh” and “grrrrrrr.”

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Terroni Manager Lectures Walking Dead Producer on Her Maturity