Square Peg to Begin a Not-So-Secret ‘Preview Period’ Next Week

Square Peg
Square Peg Photo: Square Peg

Square Peg, the all-American concept that we told you Cuba Libre honchos Barry Gutin and Larry Cohen were working on with Matt Levin inside the former Marathon location at 10th and Walnut, is just about ready to get rolling. Next Wednesday, March 21, they will begin limited seatings for dinner as part of their “preview period.” Though only open for evening service during this two-week soft launch phase, Square Peg will serve breakfast nightly. And once open for regular business, will serve it all day and through the evening. Breakfast-anytime options include Levin’s gastro-geeked-up breakfast poutine, crispy fries topped with sausage gravy, fried eggs and bacon, as well as Bananas Foster French toast coffee caramel.

On the flip-side, dinner options include a similarly so-wrong-it’s-right cheesesteak pot pie, meatloaf and fish and chips. “Daily Plates” will showcase Levin’s fat-guy fodder leanings, like Korean fried chicken with gojujang chili sauce and seasonal pickles, and pierogies with fried onions, thyme, bacon.

Square Peg opens for regular daily service on April 5.

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Square Peg to Begin a Not-So-Secret ‘Preview Period’ Next Week