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Watch Sean Brock Boost South Carolina’s Down-Home Locavore Movement

Chef Sean Brock
Chef Sean Brock Photo: The Perennial Palate

The Perennial Palate documents a crucial collaboration dinner between Charleston’s seed-collecting, local-only chef, Sean Brock of Husk and McCrady’s, and Glenn Roberts, the Southern gentleman making a splash with his own self-cultivated rice and grits at Anson Mills. Said to be responsible for a “renaissance” in down-home cooking, Roberts swings a sickle and declares “this stuff is pretty kinky,” while gesturing to budding grains and noting that his hands-on work in the field is the result of “a bunch of wealthy white people who could afford to write books about what some really smart black people were doing.” The two locavores bring ingredients straight from the soil to the table for a meal that includes modern cooking, complete with foams and flower petals, inspired by time-honored favorites like real corn grits and freshly yanked wheat from the prairie. Take a look below to see just what the two food-forward minds concocted together while bolstering the strengths of old-fashioned Southern cooking.

Carolina Gold: Episode 94 of The Perennial Plate from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

Episode 94: Carolina Gold

Watch Sean Brock Boost South Carolina’s Down-Home Locavore Movement